5 Amazing Gifts to Get Your Team This Holiday Season!

The holiday season is here, which has a lot of employers and managers thinking about what to gift their teams for a job well done this year! If you’re one of those employers or managers and need a little gift-giving inspiration, read on for some of our favorites!

But, you’re wondering, what makes a great gift?


It’s a high quality product. Your people know whats cheap and what’s not, so they’re going to know if you cheap out on them. Go big, treat yo employees because they deserve it!


It has utility inside and outside of the office. Whatever you end up getting your team, be sure to consider the question, “will they use this outside of the office?” You want to give a gift that not only shows your team that you appreciate them but one that brings value to their lives both in and outside of the office. Not only will they enjoy it more, but it also shows that you care about your employee’s work/life balance.


It fits within your brand! You want to get your team a gift that both fits within your brand/industry as well as the culture of your company. Giving a good gift will, within it self, promote your brand. Your gift should reflect your organization’s mission, values, culture, and personality. So, without further ado….

  1. Custom travel mugs (which come in all shapes and sizes) - a somewhat easy, and always appreciated gift that your team will take with them wherever they go. We offer customization of a number of brands that will beautifully spot your custom design or company’s branding!

  2. Custom apparel - Odds are you have 1 or 2 tees with your company’s logo on them, so that’s not what we’re suggesting. For the holidays this year, design a custom shirt, sweatshirt, vest, or fleece that your team will love to wear that will fit your budget!

  3. Custom embroidered backpack/travel bags - We can embroider on pretty much anything (not to mention we make killer patches). So, this season, get your team the gift of convenience and beautiful travel pieces! We have access to top name brands like Patagonia, Cotopaxi, Topo Designs, Carhart, and much more that will light your team’s eyes up and give your brand that trendy edge. 

  4. Customized tech - Odds are your employees use headphones! Good news is, we can fully customize yours (as well as bluetooth speakers, power banks, etc). So here’s the deal — your employees get swanky tech that they get to use at work and out in the real world, and you get free marketing as they rock their headphones out in the wild. It’s a win-win.

  5. Customized journals — We love journals. We use them for everything—lists, drawings, notes, letters, etc. And so do you. We can emboss leather journals, design full custom color journals, you name it, let’s make it! 

These 5 ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cool gift ideas. For more, check out our custom AMB3R Creative promo guide where you’ll see that truly anything is possible.

Wherever the holidays may take you, we hope that you and your team feel valued and seen, whether that means through a thoughtful gift, a fun company outing, or leaving early on a Friday, that’s what the season is about! Take care of and love one another! (Oh, and reach out if you want to get a project going!) HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Behind the Screen: Meet Shanna!

Shanna is the BEST! Maybe you’ve gotten to work with her, maybe you haven’t, and if that’s the case, we wanted to curate a little intro! Here are some fun facts about project-manager-Shanna that you probably didn't know!


What’s your favorite Pantone color? Warm Grey 5- one of my favorite neutrals and my closet has a handful of accessories in this color.

Favorite of the moment trendy t-shirt style? I’ve always been a fan of mineral wash and excited to see more of it lately, I feel it has a throwback/rock n roll nod- an easy way to add to an everyday look.

Favorite recent product that AMB3R produced? The Union Station distressed applique sweatshirt

What’s your favorite Denver restaurant? My husband and I went to El Five for our anniversary last month and it’s easily the best meal we’ve had here!

Favorite ice cream flavor? Breyers Mint Chip

What item do you have to have at your desk? My coffee cup & my iPad because that’s where all of my notes live  

Patches or Pins? Pins- I like the freedom of being able to move them around and change them up

Dream client? Lady GaGa - opportunity for so many unique designs and specialty inks/printing techniques, plus- it’s Lady Gaga!

How many photos are on your camera roll right now? 5,485

What was the first concert you attended? The Wallflowers, I still have the ticket stub!

How do you want to improve yourself over the next 6 months? I am excited our team started a growth & development book club!  I always buy books and never make time to actually read them, this will keep me on track plus initiate some great conversations at work.  

What is your favorite quote? “Either you’re striving to get better or allowing yourself to get worse” or "I would rather die of passion than of boredom"

How did you first get into apparel and design? My first 10 years of working were in retail apparel- I’ve always enjoyed mixing styles & trends and love helping others feel confident in their clothing.  

What are you hobbies outside of AMB3R? Hiking, skiing, spending time with my husband and our two dogs.



Is choosing the right typeface one of your biggest burdens when working on a new project? If yes, read along for some great advice that will help you pick a font that will make your next project stand out.

There are thousands of paid and free fonts now available for creatives to choose from.  However, when it comes to the right typeface there are many factors to take into account.  In this post, we will be presenting the major points that you should consider when selecting a typeface for your next project.


The most effective font choices translate the purpose of the design. The right font will speak in the language of the target audience.  Your typeface should represent the style expected by the audience for which the design is intended.  Choose a font that will make your design evoke audience emotions.  Consider the function of the font and the context in which it will be used.


Every font has specific design intent, communicates certain attributes and has its own personalitySerif fonts portray tradition, history, reliability, and safety; sans serif fonts are modern, contemporary and clean; script fonts add a sense of feminism, romance, grace, and elegance.  Make sure the chosen font resonates with your brand.

Examples of fonts based on type of business:

Finance - Clarendon, Bembo, FF Kievit, Andrew Samuels, Gotham Narrow

Wedding Photography — Roses, Please!, Anisha Script, Hunter River, Beautify

Winery - Burgues Script, Adios Script Pro, Darleston

Fashion Blogger - Gotham Thin, Helvetica Neue Thin, Geosans Light

Design Agency - Gotham Black, Montserrat Bold, Helvetica Bold

IT Company - Big John/Slim Joe, Moon, BW Quinta, Simplifica, Pier


Readability is the most important thing in design. If your chosen typography is readable, then you’re already ahead of 50% of the competition.  The body text is the part of your design that needs to be most readable.  To test if a typeface is readable set your copy to 10px - if you can tell what the text says you’ve chosen a readable typeface. 

Free Font Typefaces Most Suitable for Body Text
1. Bifocals Grotesk

2. Vision

3. RomanSerif


5. Alte Haas Grotesk 

Free Font Typefaces Most Suitable for Display Text

1. Geizer

2. Ridgeline 201

3. Konstant Grotesk

4. Eva

5. Terrain


If you’d like to be a successful designer, choosing the right font is something you need to master (and not something you only think about when you need to use it). 

Keep current with the latest practices regarding fonts and font usage, read typography blogs and watch out for good and bad examples of font combinations in the wild. 

Case Study: Love Atlanta

This summer we got the opportunity to develop an apparel line for Love Atlanta, a non-profit organization whose rally cry to ‘love Atlanta’ has spurred thousands to action.  In June, 4,000 volunteers gathered together to work on a variety of projects with countless organizations around the city who were in desperate need of help.  These organizations include The Ronald McDonald House, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Atlanta Youth Academy, to name a few.  Together these volunteers donated 14,500 hours of their time over 6 days to help those in need. We developed an apparel line for these volunteers complete with a number of hats, t-shirts, and tank tops that they could get their hands dirty in and love wearing!

Atlanta is a city rich in history, culture, and socioeconomic diversity, and it’s been such an honor to get to partner with an organization whose mission is to simply love on and serve its city. To learn more about their mission or to get involved, go to https://loveatlanta.com.

Check out this video to see pictures of the merch we produced in action!

Behind the Screen: Meet Chelsea!

If you’re one of her lucky clients, you’ve already had the pleasure of working with Chelsea. She is an extremely hard worker, a lover of promotional items (seriously she could talk about mugs for hours…), and is a magician! But just in case you haven’t gotten the chance to chat with Chels, we sat down with her so you can know her a little better!


What’s your role here at AMB3R?

I’m a project manager! I help our clients from day 1 in conceptual design, product sourcing, shipping, and customer satisfaction. I make sure the project goes as planned and stays on schedule!

What’s your favorite Pantone color?

Black. Classy, simple, timeless.

Favorite of the moment trendy t-shirt style?

Bella + Canvas 8800 Racerback tank. Even going into fall, it’s a great layering piece. Easy to dress up or to wear to the gym and so comfy!

Favorite recent product that AMB3R produced?

Custom Rubik’s Cubes

What’s your favorite Denver restaurant?

The Brutal Poodle!

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookie Crunch Talenti Gelato. Mmm.

What item do you have to have at your desk?

If anyone ever sees me without my energy drink stash, something is probably wrong.

Patches or Pins? The rocker in me says patches.

Dream client?

Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. They have huge quantities of high quality merch - all on black. Also, Trent Reznor.

How many photos are on your camera roll right now?

Zero. All in the cloud. But there are more than 60,000 there.

What was the first concert you attended?

My dad played in a rock band when I was growing up. It would have been one of his shows. Otherwise, Lacuna Coil at Fiddler’s Green Ampitheater.

How do you want to improve yourself over the next 6 months?

I love reading and hope to knock out ten business/self-improvement books on my list over the next six months, at least.

What is your favorite quote?

“Who you are is defined by what you are willing to struggle for.” -Mark Manson

How did you first get into apparel and design?

Working in the costuming and theatre industry at a giant costume store called Zeezo’s in Colorado Springs.

What are you hobbies outside of AMB3R?

I work as a stage and parlour magician at night and I play piano.

What do you find challenging about your role in AMB3R?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amounts of promotional products available. I have to continue to refine and learn what’s out there so we can offer our customers the best of the best.

Building Your Brand Army

Let us paint you a picture that we’re going to call “Subliminal Marketing in 2018”. You’re walking through the mall on a Saturday. You pass department stores, boutiques, restaurants, movie theaters…many of which you don’t think twice about.  Each one of these stores occupies around 7 seconds of your time (the time it takes to walk 30 feet at a leisurely pace) and just like that, you’ve moved on.  You know what holds far more influence? What you see thousands of times as you’re walking through the mall? That’s right, people. And you know what people are wearing? Clothes. You know who smacks their face on those clothes? Brands. Brands like Nike, Champion, Supreme, Lucky, Abercrombie--all of these big names have marketing armies at their disposal.  Every time you look at a passerby, you’ve been marketed to—many times over. 

You may say to yourself, “Dang, my brand could never have such influence, I may as well just stick to what I’m doing and hope for the best, right?” Wrong. Although names like Nike and Abercrombie are big, they don’t monopolize influence.  In fact, although big brands will always be big, there has been a recent shift towards “supporting local”.  You, my friend, wherever you are in this world, are definitely local, and you absolutely have the potentially to be influential in your community and beyond. 

No, you say, that feels like a lot of work, I’ll just rent a billboard and then everyone driving by will see my brand and want to work with me!  Well, maybe, but why rent one big billboard when you can spend the same money on 3,000 living, breathing, talking, slightly smaller (okay definitely smaller) billboards who are going to be stoked to market your brand, especially when we over here at AMB3R Creative can make it an easy, fun, and enjoyable experience! On average, a large billboard in LA goes for around $3,000 per ad, per month. That’s, at the midline, $36,000 per year (with some in particularly nice locations rounding out at $60,000).  That’s a lot of dinero that you’re leaving up to chance. Talk about sunk costs! Now imagine that you spend that same money on a brand army. An army of believers who are (hopefully) going to put on clothes in the morning, leave their homes, and go to work, the gym, the school to pick up the kids, to the grocery store, to the bank, the park, you name it, one of your 3,000 billboards is bound to be there. Now don’t get me wrong, don’t slap a billboard on a t-shirt…be tactful and use good design (we can help you with that). To top that off, each one of them has something to say about your institution and a story to tell, i.e. sales power (whether you’re selling an actual product, a lifestyle, or an idea).  

9-26 Blog Graphic.jpg

We’re in the business helping people look good and do good.  We love to partner with churches, non-profits, events, and corporations as they seek to expand their brands and market themselves well! If expanding your influence is something you’re looking to do, let’s get a project going — contact us at info@amb3r.com or 720-541-7106! We look forward to working with you!

Top 4 Promotional Items You Need Right Now!

1. Insulated Drinkware

We know that the whole keeps it hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours isn’t a new concept, but it’s still a great concept. Honestly, what’s worse then your coffee being ice cold by the time you get to work on a chilly morning in those cheap plastic cups? For a few dollars more you’re set with a hot coffee all day. Even better? That same tumbler can take you to your evening yoga class. Just rinse it out and fill with cold water. Now you’re set for the whole class even if the teacher cranks the heat to 100. 

Our favorites: 

 Coffee VIP

Coffee VIP

2. Custom Beanies

One of our favorite things living in Denver is having the perfect beanie. We wear them for most of the year so it’s a no brainer. Even if you’re not in the great state of Colorado a custom beanie is a great way to promote your church or youth ministry!

Our favorites: 


3. Bluetooth Speakers

Who doesn't want a bluetooth speaker? Even if you already have one everyone could use one for another room. Every time your customer listens to their favorite tunes they'll also have you on their mind! 

Our favorites: 



4. Pop Socket

Although we admit we weren’t totally on board at first…we are officially sold. Pop Sockets are helpful tool to prop up your phone, keep a good grip on it, and, turns out, to promote your brand (not to mention they’re super fun to play with). They’re super fun, useful, and have a great price point!

Our favorites:


Our Fall Faves Pt. 1

  We are SO excited that fall is here! Fall means football, tailgating, beautiful leaves, PSL, and cozy clothes! To celebrate, the girls in the office got together to bring you a few (seriously we have so many) of our favorite fall garments! Let them inspire you personally or for your next project!

We are SO excited that fall is here! Fall means football, tailgating, beautiful leaves, PSL, and cozy clothes! To celebrate, the girls in the office got together to bring you a few (seriously we have so many) of our favorite fall garments! Let them inspire you personally or for your next project!

molly 2.jpg

1 . Molly (Sr. Project Manager) — My favorite fall accessory is anything I can wear on a Saturday to cheer on the Wildcats! This sweatshirt is one of my favorites. It’s perfectly vintage and cozy. It features one of my favorite ways to decorate a fall garment;  a chenille patch!


2 . Chelsea (Jr. Project Manager) — Spyder Ladies’ Transport Softshell Jacket (available in Frontier/Polar/Black & Red) Not only is Spyder a top of the line Boulder, CO based company, this jacket doesn’t cut corners. There’s something about wearing it that just feels like luxury; whether it’s on the slopes or in the mountains. The red detailing on the red and black version is so clean and fierce.


3 . Shanna (Project Manager) — My favorite accessory for fall…I love the oversized style and chunky cable detailing that gives you a relaxed look.  The wine/burgundy color goes with almost everything in my closet and my favorites are decorated with a clip label- nothing too flashy but still give a nod to my favorite companies.  


4 . Alex (Graphic Designer) — I love how hats have seasons. This fall I’m obsessing over this olive green and ocher grandpa hat. It makes me think of exploring in the mountains and hiking to alpine lakes (one of my absolute favorite things). I’d rock this hat year round, but gosh, it really gets me cozy for fall while still allowing me to feel the cool breeze in my hair! You can’t miss this one, y’all!


  • What’s your favorite Pantone color? 801C. We did a trend report on a similar color for Spring & Summer. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s the blue we use in our branding!
  • Favorite of the moment trendy t-shirt style? Not the ringer… my favorite is acid wash. The girls in the office love the ringer right now, I just can’t go back to that trend personally!
  • Favorite recent product that AMB3R produced? Seacoast appliqué hoodie & joggers. I love showing our clients that they can have branded apparel without putting a billboard on a t-shirt that most customers won’t wear again. An appliqué hoodie and joggers are timeless pieces their customers will wear for years. 
  • What’s your favorite Denver restaurant? Euclid Hall. Not only do I love their food, but we’ve wanted to work with them for years. Their merchandise is pretty standard, but we know we could help them increase sales with our touch!
  • Favorite ice cream flavor? Little Man Ice Cream - Salted Maple Chocolate Dipped Bacon ice cream. They had this 3 years ago as a special with Tender Belly Bacon and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it sense. 
  • What item do you have to have at your desk? My desk is currently an organized mess of espresso cups, post it notes, patch samples and pantone books.
  • Patches or Pins? Both! We have been developing a patch & pin combo with a custom backer card.  The backer cards are a great place for extra branding and keep these small items organized.)
  • Dream client?  The one who gives me ample time to produce. 😃  But really, the opportunity to work with American Red Cross would be great; philanthropy is very important to me so I think we would be a good fit. 
  • How many photos are on your camera roll right now? 1,600
  • What was the first concert you attended? Petra
  • How do you want to improve yourself in the 2nd half of the year?  Eat healthier, more exercise & read 2 books per month.
  • What is your favorite quote? Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better. - Jim Rohn
  • How did you first get into apparel and design? I first got into apparel and design through my brother who worked at an action sports apparel brand called Truth Soul Armour. I also spent ten years managing merchandise on tour with major label bands. 
  • What are you hobbies outside of AMB3R? Work! It never really stops. When I do get time to myself I enjoy Netflix foodie shows, reading, and spending time with my wife and 1 year old, Ezra
  • What do you find challenging about your role in AMB3R?  Not being able to focus on 1 area but having to manage all parts of the company. Luckily, the more we grow, the more I get to focus on the areas I love!

Current Printing Trends

Market research is one of our favorite parts of the job! We take monthly trips to the Cherry Creek mall to keep up with t-shirt and fashion trends so we can be pass them along to you! Some of our favorite trends we stumbled upon are below. 

Cracked & Washed  The distressed and vintage vibe will never go out of style.  Honoring that comfy shirt that you have washed a thousand times by re-creating that look for your local line. We have honed in this technique through years of R &D with our design team, fashion designers & printers. Take your next vintage tee to the next level by incoporating this! 

Multiple Color Foil  The industry standard is using 1 color of foil on a t-shirt design.  This technique simulates multiple colors of foil on 1 shirt though specialty ink.  this can only be accomplished by less than 1% of printers in the US, luckily our printers are included in that 1%.  Let us help you develop a shirt that celebrates the trends for your brand.

Inside Story Print  These days, inside neck tag prints are the standard.  No one wants an ichy tag that gets crinkled over time!  It's time to go beyond a basic inside tag print with an inside story print.  This is a great space to add a direct message to the wearer so they observe every time they put on that t-shirt.  Whether it is a fun image like the example above, your mission statement, or a motivational statement. Utilize the shirt beyond slapping a logo on a t-shirt.  Anyone can do that!

New Year, New Pantone Color

The 2017 Pantone color of the year is “Greenery”


Its a yellow-green tone that reminds
us of the first day of spring!

This color represents what is becoming important in our society and its influence on fashion and apparel. There is a “green” impact everywhere — healthy eating, eco friendly architecture, and a growing adoration for the great outdoors. It is time to take a deep breath, feel restored and get ready for a new year. 


Pantone refers to this color as “nature's neutral” and we’re excited to begin designing and developing with it! We expect to see this color pair with other vibrant tones throughout the summer and muted neutrals into the fall and winter.

What are your thoughts on “Greenery”?

If you’re ready to incorporate this hue into your next project, start HERE.


There is a fun chart out there that shows how women view color differently than men.  Men see blue, green, orange and women see sky blue, pistachio green, burnt orange.  While this is just a stereo type, people do view colors in these two ways.  Being descriptive when talking color is not second nature but if practiced, it will save you unnecessary back and forth between your vendors, clients, or co-workers.

The best way to decide on design colors is by using The Pantone Matching System(PMS). The Solid Coated Guide is what works best with apparel printing.  If you hired a firm to design your logo, they should have given you this number.  Remember, all monitors are different. If you want your t-shirt print to match the design you see on your computer screen, then call out Pantone Colors for each design color.  We buy our books directly from PANTONE'S WEBSTORE.

Pasted image at 2016_11_16 04_00 PM.png

If this is out of your budget, then feel free to download our stock colors which represent the most popular color shades for each each color category.


Beanies are a great way to ensure your branding can be seen during the winter time. They come in all types of styles and are both functional and stylish.

Cuff less Beanies: These are the most common type you see! A cuff less beanie has a defined length, unlike its counterpart cuffed beanie. These beanies do not have extra length roll at the bottom. The edge of the beanie reaches the forehead. Pair these with a woven label for added effect!

Cuffed Beanies: You can find excess material on these beanies! The excess material can be rolled to create a straight across cuff. Its height can also be changed! We recommend styling these by placing them straight on slightly to the back. A logo or label can not only be added but also look great! Perhaps even a pom up top for fun!


Ear Flap Beanies: Fun yet effective! Ear flap beanies are beanies with sides that cover the wearer's ears. This type of beanie looks great with cool patterns, labels, fur, or poms. These are typically seen on teenagers or children.



One quick and easy way to keep your brand in front of your customer is to put a tag on it.  A tag on your shirt that is.

A shirt neck tag can serve more of a purpose than just give the wearer directions on how to keep a garment clean.  You can put your logo, website, inspirational quotes, or anything else you could imagine on your tag.  Having a customized tag can help differentiate your shirt from the many others that your customer probably has in their drawers.

At AMB3R T-Shirts we can design a custom tag to be sewed onto a garment or a custom label to print on a tagless tee.  The options for ways to tag your tees are endless thanks to our design team and seamstresses that meticulously ensure that each tag is properly affixed to our shirts.

Let us know how we can take your customized tee to the next level with custom branding on your tags!


One thing we see a lot of clients struggle with when they have a shirt made is the size breakdown.  Some clients load up on Large sizes and therefore alienate the petite people of the world and vice versa.  It’s important to get an array of sizes so that everyone from the little guys on up to the husky gentlemen will have the opportunity to rock your gear.  Our years of experience have helped us develop two size breakdowns that we recommend to our clients.

In a nutshell, the two groupsare the youth/band clientele and the general adult crowd.  You will see that the youth crowd has a more smalls and mediums since their metabolism hasn’t changed yet, whereas the adult group has a higher percentage of the larger sizes.  Ultimately, knowing who your target audience is imperative for coming up with a final size breakdown for your next order, but these ratios can be used as a general guide.

Band/Youth Clientele

SM: 30%

MD: 35%

LG: 22%

XL: 10%

2XL: 3%

General Adult Clientele:

SM: 20%

MD: 30%

LG: 27%

XL: 18%

XXL: 5%

Female Cut Clientele:




If you have been kicking around the idea of getting some shirts made lately, please take a moment to consider the following 8 gems of wisdom.  We guarantee your t-shirt project will run much smoother if you apply this advice.

1.  Quantity, Quantity, Quantity-

The price per piece lowers when you order more shirts.  It’s better to go ahead and get a few extra shirts instead of coming back later and needing a small batch.  Those shirts will be much more expensive then...that is unless the re-order is another high quantity order.

2.  Know Your Budget-

All t-shirts are not created equal.  The prices range from low-end to high-end and everything in between, so knowing how much you want to spend going into your project will dictate what options are available to you.  You can’t get sushi and expect to pay dollar menu prices.  We all know what the results would be of that if you could and it wouldn’t be pretty.

3.  Know Your Audience-

Study your demographic so you know what styles your audience like to make sure you are creating a style they will wear again and again.

4.  Discover Your Goals for the T-Shirt-

Whether it is spreading your cause or giving away product, knowing what the goal of your t-shirt is will help make the perfect tee.  This serves as inspiration during the design phase and adds to the uniqueness of the t-shirt

5.  Your T-Shirt May Not Exactly Resemble the Shirt at the Mall-

Shirts in the mall are purchased by the thousands, use post-production washes, and use special fabrics.  Manufactures are able to create these types of garments because they purchase the materials at such high volumes.

6.  Keep Your Locations to a Minimum-

Having multiple locations on a low quantity order will only boost the price exponentially.  Try to keep the shirt simple when ordering low quantities so that you can maximize your ROI.  Additionally, too many print locations sometimes clutters the shirt and can make it an eyesore.  Try and focus on one area and on one message to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

7.  Don’t Procrastinate-  

Lack of time can not only make your t-shirt more expensive, but also stifle creativity by being rushed.  Contrary to popular belief, t-shirts do not just appear.  There is a lot that goes into that shirt being ready to be worn. In order to get the best shirt, designers need time to create and printers need time to work their magic on the press.  It’s an art.

8.  Use Fashion Extras as an Accent to Your Design-

Some extras can take a design to the next level when used tastefully.  Sometimes when the extras are thrown into the spotlight as the main attraction they can actually diminish the final product.  Our fashion specialists can help you make the right decision on

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, lets get a t-shirt project rolling!


Patches are often used to take apparel items to the next level. For uniform or fashion, they are an effective way in displaying branding and design.


AMB3R uses a variety of patches to create unique effects. Each style of patches differ in how they look and feel, and each style of patch creates a varying aesthetic. We are excited to share the 8 types of patches frequently used by our team!












Its the perfect time of year to start thinking about drink insulators — the air is becoming crisp, football season is in full swing, and weekends spent socializing outside continuous.


A Koozie (pronounce KOO - ZEE) is the casual name for drink insulators. Just as the name describes, a drink insulators job is to protect your drink from the outside temperate; however, they can actually do so much more! 


A drink insulator is a simple, cost efficient yet fun way to promote your brand or message! 

Getting married? Create a custom insulator to commemorate your celebration.
Hosting a corporate event or outing? Create a custom insulator to promote your company.
Cheering on your local little leaves? Create a custom insulator with the team's logo.

The options for customization are endliess! 


No longer are insulators only produced with thick ink on a spongy material — Blank insulators are perfect for screen printing, sublimation, and even vinyl and full color transfers. They can also be made using trendy materials, such as leather.

The use of when and when are countless! Think about your next event… are you ready to create something that will excite your guest and/or clients?