The AMB3R Project

Helping the Island of Hispaniola

The AMB3R Project is a campaign created to assist the people of Haiti & Dominican republic through our partner non-profits Project Manana & Hand's & Feet Project. that are creating change in The Island of Hispanola . When your group purchases the Hey! Tee Shirts, you can buy with confidence knowing that the garments were created in Haiti using fair labor in excellent working conditions.


We have successfully funded 3 projects to date

Project #1: HAITI

Raised $2000 to purchase a filtration system to give the orphanage and local community so they can have clean drinking water.

Project #2: Dominican Republic

We raised $2,000 to purchase a shipping container to house more non-perishable items and to have a safe storage place for the school.

Project #3: Dominican Republic

We helped raise $2,000 to buy 4 refrigerators & 2 freezers so Project Manana could store perishable goods to feed the local children healthy meals.  They were put in the cafeteria, guest quarters and workers quarters.