If you have been kicking around the idea of getting some shirts made lately, please take a moment to consider the following 8 gems of wisdom.  We guarantee your t-shirt project will run much smoother if you apply this advice.

1.  Quantity, Quantity, Quantity-

The price per piece lowers when you order more shirts.  It’s better to go ahead and get a few extra shirts instead of coming back later and needing a small batch.  Those shirts will be much more expensive then...that is unless the re-order is another high quantity order.

2.  Know Your Budget-

All t-shirts are not created equal.  The prices range from low-end to high-end and everything in between, so knowing how much you want to spend going into your project will dictate what options are available to you.  You can’t get sushi and expect to pay dollar menu prices.  We all know what the results would be of that if you could and it wouldn’t be pretty.

3.  Know Your Audience-

Study your demographic so you know what styles your audience like to make sure you are creating a style they will wear again and again.

4.  Discover Your Goals for the T-Shirt-

Whether it is spreading your cause or giving away product, knowing what the goal of your t-shirt is will help make the perfect tee.  This serves as inspiration during the design phase and adds to the uniqueness of the t-shirt

5.  Your T-Shirt May Not Exactly Resemble the Shirt at the Mall-

Shirts in the mall are purchased by the thousands, use post-production washes, and use special fabrics.  Manufactures are able to create these types of garments because they purchase the materials at such high volumes.

6.  Keep Your Locations to a Minimum-

Having multiple locations on a low quantity order will only boost the price exponentially.  Try to keep the shirt simple when ordering low quantities so that you can maximize your ROI.  Additionally, too many print locations sometimes clutters the shirt and can make it an eyesore.  Try and focus on one area and on one message to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

7.  Don’t Procrastinate-  

Lack of time can not only make your t-shirt more expensive, but also stifle creativity by being rushed.  Contrary to popular belief, t-shirts do not just appear.  There is a lot that goes into that shirt being ready to be worn. In order to get the best shirt, designers need time to create and printers need time to work their magic on the press.  It’s an art.

8.  Use Fashion Extras as an Accent to Your Design-

Some extras can take a design to the next level when used tastefully.  Sometimes when the extras are thrown into the spotlight as the main attraction they can actually diminish the final product.  Our fashion specialists can help you make the right decision on

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, lets get a t-shirt project rolling!