One thing we see a lot of clients struggle with when they have a shirt made is the size breakdown.  Some clients load up on Large sizes and therefore alienate the petite people of the world and vice versa.  It’s important to get an array of sizes so that everyone from the little guys on up to the husky gentlemen will have the opportunity to rock your gear.  Our years of experience have helped us develop two size breakdowns that we recommend to our clients.

In a nutshell, the two groupsare the youth/band clientele and the general adult crowd.  You will see that the youth crowd has a more smalls and mediums since their metabolism hasn’t changed yet, whereas the adult group has a higher percentage of the larger sizes.  Ultimately, knowing who your target audience is imperative for coming up with a final size breakdown for your next order, but these ratios can be used as a general guide.

Band/Youth Clientele

SM: 30%

MD: 35%

LG: 22%

XL: 10%

2XL: 3%

General Adult Clientele:

SM: 20%

MD: 30%

LG: 27%

XL: 18%

XXL: 5%

Female Cut Clientele: