One quick and easy way to keep your brand in front of your customer is to put a tag on it.  A tag on your shirt that is.

A shirt neck tag can serve more of a purpose than just give the wearer directions on how to keep a garment clean.  You can put your logo, website, inspirational quotes, or anything else you could imagine on your tag.  Having a customized tag can help differentiate your shirt from the many others that your customer probably has in their drawers.

At AMB3R T-Shirts we can design a custom tag to be sewed onto a garment or a custom label to print on a tagless tee.  The options for ways to tag your tees are endless thanks to our design team and seamstresses that meticulously ensure that each tag is properly affixed to our shirts.

Let us know how we can take your customized tee to the next level with custom branding on your tags!