Beanies are a great way to ensure your branding can be seen during the winter time. They come in all types of styles and are both functional and stylish.

Cuff less Beanies: These are the most common type you see! A cuff less beanie has a defined length, unlike its counterpart cuffed beanie. These beanies do not have extra length roll at the bottom. The edge of the beanie reaches the forehead. Pair these with a woven label for added effect!

Cuffed Beanies: You can find excess material on these beanies! The excess material can be rolled to create a straight across cuff. Its height can also be changed! We recommend styling these by placing them straight on slightly to the back. A logo or label can not only be added but also look great! Perhaps even a pom up top for fun!


Ear Flap Beanies: Fun yet effective! Ear flap beanies are beanies with sides that cover the wearer's ears. This type of beanie looks great with cool patterns, labels, fur, or poms. These are typically seen on teenagers or children.