Building Your Brand Army

Let us paint you a picture that we’re going to call “Subliminal Marketing in 2018”. You’re walking through the mall on a Saturday. You pass department stores, boutiques, restaurants, movie theaters…many of which you don’t think twice about.  Each one of these stores occupies around 7 seconds of your time (the time it takes to walk 30 feet at a leisurely pace) and just like that, you’ve moved on.  You know what holds far more influence? What you see thousands of times as you’re walking through the mall? That’s right, people. And you know what people are wearing? Clothes. You know who smacks their face on those clothes? Brands. Brands like Nike, Champion, Supreme, Lucky, Abercrombie--all of these big names have marketing armies at their disposal.  Every time you look at a passerby, you’ve been marketed to—many times over. 

You may say to yourself, “Dang, my brand could never have such influence, I may as well just stick to what I’m doing and hope for the best, right?” Wrong. Although names like Nike and Abercrombie are big, they don’t monopolize influence.  In fact, although big brands will always be big, there has been a recent shift towards “supporting local”.  You, my friend, wherever you are in this world, are definitely local, and you absolutely have the potentially to be influential in your community and beyond. 

No, you say, that feels like a lot of work, I’ll just rent a billboard and then everyone driving by will see my brand and want to work with me!  Well, maybe, but why rent one big billboard when you can spend the same money on 3,000 living, breathing, talking, slightly smaller (okay definitely smaller) billboards who are going to be stoked to market your brand, especially when we over here at AMB3R Creative can make it an easy, fun, and enjoyable experience! On average, a large billboard in LA goes for around $3,000 per ad, per month. That’s, at the midline, $36,000 per year (with some in particularly nice locations rounding out at $60,000).  That’s a lot of dinero that you’re leaving up to chance. Talk about sunk costs! Now imagine that you spend that same money on a brand army. An army of believers who are (hopefully) going to put on clothes in the morning, leave their homes, and go to work, the gym, the school to pick up the kids, to the grocery store, to the bank, the park, you name it, one of your 3,000 billboards is bound to be there. Now don’t get me wrong, don’t slap a billboard on a t-shirt…be tactful and use good design (we can help you with that). To top that off, each one of them has something to say about your institution and a story to tell, i.e. sales power (whether you’re selling an actual product, a lifestyle, or an idea).  

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We’re in the business helping people look good and do good.  We love to partner with churches, non-profits, events, and corporations as they seek to expand their brands and market themselves well! If expanding your influence is something you’re looking to do, let’s get a project going — contact us at or 720-541-7106! We look forward to working with you!