3 Critical Factors to Avoid Losing Money on Branded Drinkware

Customer Spotlight: Union Station

Our story here at AMB3R began with a focus on selling custom t-shirts and hats, but now a new item is taking over as much as a third of our sales: promotional drinkware. 

1. Type of Drinkware

Once dominated by Nalgene and Camelbak, brands like Hydroflask and Yeti are revolutionizing the reusable water-bottle game. Insulation brings outdoor drinkware to a new playing field, and now nearly everyone is in on it. From tumblers to wine glasses people are loving it. Sales of promotional drinkware at Denver’s Union Station illustrates this well. We are proud to supply them with a variety of insulated drinkware in several styles and colors. Matte colors and simple but unique design make these elegant pieces a great gift and useful item for passing tourists.

Union Station good.jpg

Beyond insulated drinkware, the more classic choice is promotional mugs. Just as the other types of drinkware are getting creative, so are mugs. A great option for summer or any outdoor event is enamel camping mugs (also perfect for Colorado culture, Union Station also joined in on this fun style.) Other styles we recommend include rustic ceramic mugs, clear glass mugs, or ceramic mugs with a cork base. 


2. The Design

If you are familiar with us here at AMB3R, you may know we have a knack for design. Typical promotional drinkware usually features a plain logo with the company name. BORING. This is valuable space your business is paying for, so feature more than your logo! Use meaningful design to grab the customer’s attention. This is where our passion comes into play - because we know the difference eye catching design will make for your drinkware. We encourage you to go a step further as Union Station did and incorporate a meaningful or funny message that will resonate with people. Whether it’s personally curated design or a catchy statement - the goal is to ensure your brand makes an impression.


3. Think About Your Audience

Who you are and who your customers are dictates what drinkware and design will be best. For example, we did a drinkware project for the Radiant Women’s Conference where we suggested a clear, heavy duty, glass mug with pink text both for a more feminine tone. Our project for North Points Community Church’s marriage conference is another example - we produced Mr. and Mrs. insulated camping mugs. The insulated feature kept the mugs trendy and the Mr. and Mrs. design tied in their traditional marriage theme while also featuring the church’s logo subtly for remembrance.