Top 10 questions

What’s the difference between Brand, Boutique and Premium?

We’ve sampled, worn, and washed every t-shirt in the industry only to discover they all fall into different levels of quality and price. While we can source any blank garment offered, we prefer to give our customers the best of the best at each price point. Learn more about the 3 options HERE

How long will it take?

Each project will be different due to specific variables, but we do a pretty good job at estimating your project timeline. For t-shirts, time is about 4-6 weeks for custom art & 2-3 weeks when you submit artwork. To check out the estimated timelines for other products, vist our NEW TO AMB3R page.

Can I supply my own garments?

Not at this time. All items must be ordedred by AMB3R to assure quality and a streamlined produciton process. We have established relationships with all our suoppliers and if the product is defective, we have the pull to get them replaced at no cost. Becuase of this, we cannontuse customer submitted garments.

How much are your shirts? (can I get a quote?)

Price is based on 4 main variables: 1: Quantity of items
2: Number of locations
3: Number of print colors per location
4: Quality of product you want
If you have 1-3, I can help recommend some options for #4.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?

All our pricing is wholesale, so you already get the best pricing possible when you work with AMB3R. We do understand non-profits have to be mindful of the budget, so we can offer ways to minimize your risk when ordering merchandise. Talk with one of our account managers on how this would work.

What’s you minimum on..?

Our minimums vary per product. T-shirt minimums start at 72 pieces. Hats at 50 pieces. Pins at 100 pieces. Promotional products at 50-100 depending on the product. Please contact is you have any questions reguarding our minimums.

How do I submit my own artwork?

You can upload your artwork to our New Project Form or email To assure your t-shirt comes out the way you designed it, please submit your artwork using our AMB3R template.

I’m missing a few shirts - what happened?

3-5% Margin of Error
Humans are involved in making your t-shirts so sometimes odd things happen. If mis-prints, or damages do slip through quality control, we will refund you for those.
Re-printing shortages
Due to the nature of setups, projects will not replace shortages that are inside the margin of error. Please notify us if you are ordering for specific people in your size breakdown. We will help you figure out ways to ensure everyone is happy.
Print Dancing
Due to fabic's elastic property, there can be up to a 1/4 inch print variance so the design position may vary slightly per print. If you discover designs that are way off please let us know and we'll work to resolve it.
T-Shirt Dyelots
It's a rare, but possible situation when your shirt colors are not exactly the same. (Example - browns are a little different shades.) That's due to two different dye lots. It's rare, but happens at times.

Why would I choose AMB3R over my local print shop?

We're on your side! Believe it or not, screen printers focus on their machines running more than the fit, feel or style of your t-shirt. AMB3R works with you to find the best product for your budget and deadline. We also know how to manage manufactuers to assure your project comes out the way you envision. In the case something goes wrong, we leverage our high volumes to assure you are not left high and dry.

Can you guarantee in-hand dates?

AMB3R cannot guarantee in hand dates for ground shipping. While we can assure you that we are good at predicting when we will not be able to ship ground. It is recommended that you allow 3-5 days of margin when providing "In Hand Dates". Any priority shipping costs required to meet the In Hand Date will be the client's responsibility.


What is a design kit?

A design kit is how we at AMB3R package our design services to you the customer in a more clear and direct manner. Instead of charging per hour, (which you dont know if you are paying for our coffee breaks) we price based on the end design because our sytem will get you there with minimal revisions.

What is a Design Card Survey?

The Design Card Survey is a process you will start when you use AMB3R for a full package project that inculdes custom design. This is a visual survey that will help our deisgnersget you a design that fits your style.

Do you offer design work outside of tshirts?

Yes! We can design your headwear, promotional products, logo and branding, patcvhes and pins, and even your print material. Price will be quoted on a per project basis.


What is No Hand Ink?

No Hand ink is a water based ink that soaks into the shirt's fabric leaving it super soft after the first wash. Waterbase discharge ink is for mid-dark garments in which the dye in the fabric is bleached and replaced with bpigment for color.

What is Plastisol Ink?

Plastisol ink has a heavier hand and can be felt when printed on garments. This heavy hand is considered a disadvantage at the consumer level. We always default to a softer print unless opaquness is the number 1 concern. Our plastisol inks are PVC free.

Do you offer specialty inks?

We offer a wide range of specialty inks including glitter, glow in the dark, flock, foil, high density, puff, crackle and many more. Learn more by visiting our Decoration Options page.

What print sizes are available?

We offer several print size options including; Standard, Oversized, All Over, Neck Label, Pocket and Sleeve. View our print sizes page for more information.

Can you do more than one type of decoration on a garment?

Yes we can mix and match multiple decoration styles as long as your time frame and budget allow it. Multi-media is a great way to take your apparel to the next level.


Do you have anything else besides tshirts?

Yes we have wide range of garments. V-necks, 3/4 raglans, tank tops, womens apparel,fleece and outerwear, fitnesswear, uniforms, industrial wear, and anything else you need for your business.

Do you sell blank garments?

We do not sell blank apparel without decoration on it. The products will need to be screen printed, embroidered, heat pressed, sublimated dpeending on the product. We will help you choose the rigght decoration method per product.

Can I order samples?

Yes. We can send you a sample pack with various fabric and decoration examples and you just pay $10 for shipping. Otherwise, we can send you blank samples for your specific project at an additonal cost.


What's with the 3

The 3 has many meanings. For example, a perfect t-shirt consists of 3 things: The right design, product and decoration method.

How do I contact AMB3R?

You can email us at or fill out our contact form.

Do I get a refund?

If the error rate is within the 3 to 5% we will credit that to your account. If it is above the 3 to 5% error rate we will either credit you back the amount or work on a reprint or alternative solutions.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a project management system we use to keep all of our correspondences with you the customer in one place. It is free to set up!

Can I visit the AMB3R Office?

Yes you can but we require you set up a meeting time before hand. Please email to set up your meeting.

Can I place a reorder?

Yes you can. Please fill out our Re-Order form.

Do I get a discount on reorders?

Reorders usually are slighty cheaper depending on the quanity you order.


Project Cancelation

See Project Cancelation in Terms and Conditions. Pre-production cancellation fee (less then 1 hour of development): $100 Pre-production cancelation fee (more then 1 hour of development): $100 1st hour and $80 for each additional hour

Late Fees

$50 late fee + 1.5% month (18% annum).

Consultation Fees

Fashion Line Development / Branding with AMB3R’s Creative Managers: $80/hr. Fashion Line Development / Branding / Creative & Marketing Direction with CEO Jeremy Picker: $120/hr COMING SOON. AMB3R is thrilled to roll out Consultation Packages to support the development of your brand.

Design Fees

Fashion Line Development / Branding with AMB3R’s Creative Managers: Other needs $80/hr ($20 minimum, for example for quick fixes to get your art print ready). What’s included in your Design Kits? 2 Sketches and 2 Minor Mock Revisions Additional Sketches: Type Treatment: $20/sketch Icon Focused: $25/sketch Hand Painted Lite: $30/sketch Illustration Lite: $35/sketch Illustration Full: $40/sketch Additional Mock Edits: Billed per hour

Have a product request, Technical Issue or want to tell us how cool we are?  Submit a ticket and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours.