Terms and Conditions

We want your 100% satisfaction expressed through a referral!  

More importantly, we want you to feel confident that you know what to expect every step of each project.  

Things can get off course, so here we share what AMB3R and you can do to avoid issues, and in case they do arise, how each will be handled:

The weird things about apparel production

3-5% Margin of Error
Humans are involved in making your t-shirts so sometimes odd things happen.  If mis-prints or damages do slip through quality control, we will refund you for those items. 

Re-printing Shortages
Due to the nature of setups, we will not replace shortages that are inside the margin of error (see above).  If you require an exact number of products, we strongly recommend that you order 3-5% over what you need.  

Print Dancing
Due to fabric's elastic property, there can be up to a 1/4 inch print placement variance, meaning the design position may vary slightly per print.  If you discover designs that are way off in placement please let us know.

T-Shirt Dye-lots
It is a rare, but possible that your shirt colors are not exactly the same (have slightly different shades).   This is due to different dye lots used in the manufacturing process.   AMB3R will not replace shirts if color differences are caused by manufacturing dye lots.  Talk to us pre-production if you have questions or concerns.

Pantone Matching
Printing  process for paper vs. fabric is quite different so even if Pantone matching techniques are applied it is not uncommon see some variation.  Even with spot colors there are fluctuations based on variables including printing process, fabric type, substrate color and environmental conditions during print day.  

Although we use the best printers in the country there is some expected industry allowed variance.  We will make sure your print falls within spec of matching the requested spot color, but please note that AMB3R cannot guarantee an exact match.  If time allows, you can always purchase a pre-production sample!

Mid-project Changes
Any changes you request for an approved t-shirt project could affect delivery times and add additional costs.  You will be responsible for any costs related to mid-project changes.  Only changes requested BEFORE production may be accommodated. 

Shipping & Deadlines

AMB3R DOES NOT guarantee in hand dates for shipping.  It is recommended that you allow at least 3-5 days of margin to meet your hard in hand date.   

The following issues are out of AMB3R's control:

  • Product Shortages - in the event a customer requests a specific style number that is out of stock.  
  • Weather Delays - again, once product leaves AMB3R's or our manufacturer's facility we do not take responsibility for delay in delivery of product. 
  • Delay in production due to a delay in customer communication or a late invoice payment by customer - see Payment section below. 
  • Delay in delivery due to incorrect ship-to address provided by customer.

If your project requires or you elect Priority Shipping, all associated expedited shipping costs are your / the customer's responsibility.   


AMB3R, LLC offer’s three payment options for its customers:

  • Customer Check 
  • ACH 
  • Credit Card 

Payment is required BEFORE your order is sent to production.  

If you qualify for Net 15 or Net 30 Payment Terms, please pay attention to date of invoice.  If you have payment terms or if your invoice or invoice email body specifies a payment due date, late payment fees of $50 plus 1.5% per month will apply.  

All qualified Net 15 and Net 30 clients automatically receive a 3% pay by ACH / check discount.  The discount is a courtesy and may be changed at any time.  

If you are not a Net Payment Terms client and prefer to pay by check, please make sure we receive your check in time to initiate on-schedule production, usually 2-4 weeks before your in-hand date.

Design Work

Art work fees must be paid in full after you approve sketch work and before we move your project into the design phase.  See HERE for design pricing.  Net 15 or Net 30 terms are extended to Net Payment Terms clients.  

If you would like to purchase the art work AMB3R creates for use outside of an AMB3R project an additional art release fee will apply.  

Returns and Refunds


It is the customer's responsibility to inspect and count all goods received, before washing.  All claims for shortages, damages, or defects MUST be reported via email to customerservice@AMB3R.com within 72 hours of receipt of goods.  You must return merchandise to receive a refund. 


Invoice disputes must be reported within 7 days of the invoice date and BEFORE production.  A written detailed account of the dispute must be sent via email to billing@AMB3R.com

Customer Provided Art, Fashion Brief and Strike-off Approvals

AMB3R is not responsible for errors in art work you provide.  We always strive to catch mistakes, however if you give us a design, you are responsible for any typos / spelling or designs errors.  This means that if an error in your design is reflected on the final product, we will not offer a refund.  Always make sure the files you provide are reviewed and final.

By approving the Fashion Brief, you agree that ALL product and project details (quantities, colors, size breakdown, print size, designs, spelling, shipping address or customization details etc) and associated pricing are correct.   Please review carefully so we can make your perfect product!  Approval can be made by email, by message in our project management system, by text or via verbal communication.  Approval in any of these formats prompts us to move into production and commits you to full payment for the project per pricing reflected within the Fashion Brief and Invoice.

In some cases, you or we may request a strike-off or final design approval that means we are asking your blessing to move forward with production.  We want to get it right.  If you approve in any of the formats listed above, you agree to pay for the final product with design as presented in strike-off or final approval file.  Please make sure you carefully review any final designs or strikes-offs. 

Project Cancelation

If for any reason you decide to cancel your project before moving into production (that is before blank goods have been ordered) you may be charged a project cancelation fee and you will be responsible for design work payment if a sketch has been approved.

If for any reason you decide to cancel your project after production has been initiated and blank goods have been ordered, but not printed on or altered in any way, you will be responsible for a project cancelation fee and all associated shipping and re-stocking fees.

A project CANNOT be canceled after production has been initiated, blank goods ordered and printed on or altered in any way.  Meaning you will be responsible for the full project invoice.