Warehouse & Fulfillment Pricing: How It Works

AMB3R’s pricing is purposely aligned with the needs of the fast growing business. While most outsourced order fulfillment providers require that you sign long-term contracts and agree to minimum fees in order to get competitive pricing, AMB3R offers on-demand, clear pricing that scales with you as your business grows. It is designed to be simple, transparent, and to require minimal oversight or management on your part. Contact us if you are interested in this service.

Our pricing consists of three elements:

1. Order Handling

Price associated with the order volume of picking and handling items. AMB3R offers volume-based discounts without the need for a contract. Handling rates adjust as you ship more orders throughout the month, rewarding high-volume activity.

Cost per number of orders per month

1-25: $2.00 for first item, $.50 each additional item [Max cost $6 per shipment]

26-50: $1.75 for first item, $.40 each additional item

51-100: $1.50 for first item, $.30 each additional item

101-200: $1.25 for first item, $.25 each additional item

2. Shipping

Shipping cost will be determined by the number of items in a package as well as the poly mailer or box used for shipping. ie. Shipping one 1-shirt, polo, or journal would run about $2.73 each. While 1 hat shipment would cost $6-$7 depending on the location. Larger shipments to each location could range from $10-$20 depending on the weight of the package and box dimensions used. Shipping for bulk orders to each location would be charged to each location separately. Shipping on retail orders to customers would be paid by the customer.

3. Storage & Support

 Price associated with how much shelf space is used and the number of unique products stored. Each full shelf would cost $19.99 per month, so once we know how many sku’s, we can determine the space needed. As you grow and have the need for more space, we would adjust the monthly rate accordingly. Every location would have access to AMB3R customer service. We can make it easy for local locations to come by our shop to pick up the bulk merchandise if you want to save on shipping fees.

Webstore & Ordering

For the web store, there will be two separate parts.

1] Internal facing store for Employees

2] Customer facing store for retail purchases

Creation of the web store is TBD. [Shopify, Squarespace, Etc]