AMB3R Creative: The Process From Start to Finish

While starting a new project can seem overwhelming at times, it’s our job to reassure you that at AMB3R, we make things as smooth and as seamless as possible. Our company specializes in custom design (we understand that not everyone enjoys creating logos. etc), so we’re here to help guide you through this process. The first step towards starting your project with AMB3R Creative is to submit a ‘start project’ form on our website. The project form will provide us with information such as your company name, number of items needed, your budget, contact information and the date you need your final products by.

The overview of your project will look a little something like this:

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 2.14.46 PM.png

When working with AMB3R, you’ll be provided the opportunity to work with a professional graphic designer if needed. Our in-house designer will spend extra time working with you to make sure your product design comes out perfectly. Let’s say for example that you’ve created your own custom line of spirits, but you have no idea what you want your bottle and label to look like. This is where we come in to help. We can provide you with examples of previous work we’ve done, while also giving you helpful suggestions as to what colors and fonts look best for your product. Sketches of ideas and various designs will then be created. Think of this as a rough draft of what your end design will look like. Not yet perfected, but definitely a good start. What starts as a simple sketch on a paper book, then turns into a graphic design on the computer. Sketches by hand allow for the designer to make quick and easy changes without having to go into the computer to change the image. Once the image has been given the go ahead, the designer will then transfer that image to the computer where more details will be added. 

Image from iOS copy 2.jpg

We will then consult with you on what type of screen printing, threading, stamps, private labels or specialty inks you want to include on your product label. Once decided, we will go ahead and apply those choices to the overall design. The before and after of this process can be viewed below:

Image from iOS copy.jpg

Now to the exciting part - Once your design has been finished and approved, we will send the image and product details to production. The print house will both print and ship all your products directly to you. Your final result may look a little something like this:

Image from iOS.jpg

At AMB3R, we understand that the idea of creating a new line of products for your company can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why we try our best to make sure every step of the process is extremely clear and straightforward. We don’t move on to the next step of a project before making sure you’re satisfied with each change made to the design beforehand. Next time you’re interested in changing up your logo or creating holiday pullovers for your company, we hope you think of us.

5 Hot Summer Promotional Items

Summer is here and you could be selling the essentials with your logo or branded design featured on it. We are here to help you pick a product that is relevant to your target market and appealing to your customers. From sunscreen to tote bags, here is a list of the top 5 products we are seeing this summer that can help you brand your organization.

1. Sunglasses

We know environmental consciousness is a growing value of consumers. As most promotional sunglasses are made entirely of plastic, this is not always the ideal product; but there are alternative hidden gems. We are proud to be an approved promotional distributor for our friends at WUDN whose products are eco-friendly and made from locally sourced wood. With several different options for sunglasses, our favorites are the styles crafted from recycled skate decks.  Other options include ebony wood, zebra wood, and bamboo. You can hug the trees while also rocking them on your face!

2. Coolers

Keep your summertime drinks cold in the place they belong, your cooler. This is yet another surface where your logo or custom design could shine. Next time a customer catches your cooler peeking out from behind a booth and it’s smothered in an awesome design, your brand will be spoken for. Coolers can also be high end gifts for your executive employees or most critical clients, as a way to say thank you with class, a sense of adventure, and a touch of your brand. We are thankful to be approved promotional distributors of some of the largest brands including: RTIC, YETI, Pelican, Igloo, Coleman, and Bison.

3. Totes

Brands such as Lulu Lemon have seen tremendous success using totes as a branding weapon. Since the growing awareness and efforts to be environmentally responsible, consumers are proud to reuse totes bags for many purposes. This makes custom tote bags an effective brand exposure tool. Lulu Lemon’s tote design is so well known that many can spot this branded bag from a mile away, and that’s brand recognition at it’s finest. A tote is comparatively larger than many promotional products which means lots of canvas to paint on, quite literally. We suggest taking full advantage of this space by not just slapping your logo on the side but investing in creative design work. You need a design to catch the eye from far away, be memorable and relate to your cause. Lucky for you this is our forte and passion! 


4. Sunscreen

While sunglasses, totes, or coolers may be a larger investment, we also have suggestions for smaller summer promo items. Smaller items such as sunscreen can make for an easy giveaway product people will actually use in the summer. These can be easily tossed in a beach bag or glove box for spontaneous outings in the sun and a quick reminder of your organization.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 9.49.56 AM.png

5. Coolies

Coolies, also known by the brand name Koozie(R), are insulated beverage holders. There is no better season than summer to put these on the shelf. Perhaps you can match a burlap coolie with your hipster mason jar glasses for customers sitting outside. Coolies have come a long way and AMB3R is now offering fabrics like burlap, denim, suede, metallic and velvet to create a variety of looks. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 12.28.15 PM.png