Current Printing Trends

Market research is one of our favorite parts of the job! We take monthly trips to the Cherry Creek mall to keep up with t-shirt and fashion trends so we can be pass them along to you! Some of our favorite trends we stumbled upon are below. 

Cracked & Washed  The distressed and vintage vibe will never go out of style.  Honoring that comfy shirt that you have washed a thousand times by re-creating that look for your local line. We have honed in this technique through years of R &D with our design team, fashion designers & printers. Take your next vintage tee to the next level by incoporating this! 

Multiple Color Foil  The industry standard is using 1 color of foil on a t-shirt design.  This technique simulates multiple colors of foil on 1 shirt though specialty ink.  this can only be accomplished by less than 1% of printers in the US, luckily our printers are included in that 1%.  Let us help you develop a shirt that celebrates the trends for your brand.

Inside Story Print  These days, inside neck tag prints are the standard.  No one wants an ichy tag that gets crinkled over time!  It's time to go beyond a basic inside tag print with an inside story print.  This is a great space to add a direct message to the wearer so they observe every time they put on that t-shirt.  Whether it is a fun image like the example above, your mission statement, or a motivational statement. Utilize the shirt beyond slapping a logo on a t-shirt.  Anyone can do that!