Behind the Screen: Meet Shanna!

Shanna is the BEST! Maybe you’ve gotten to work with her, maybe you haven’t, and if that’s the case, we wanted to curate a little intro! Here are some fun facts about project-manager-Shanna that you probably didn't know!


What’s your favorite Pantone color? Warm Grey 5- one of my favorite neutrals and my closet has a handful of accessories in this color.

Favorite of the moment trendy t-shirt style? I’ve always been a fan of mineral wash and excited to see more of it lately, I feel it has a throwback/rock n roll nod- an easy way to add to an everyday look.

Favorite recent product that AMB3R produced? The Union Station distressed applique sweatshirt

What’s your favorite Denver restaurant? My husband and I went to El Five for our anniversary last month and it’s easily the best meal we’ve had here!

Favorite ice cream flavor? Breyers Mint Chip

What item do you have to have at your desk? My coffee cup & my iPad because that’s where all of my notes live  

Patches or Pins? Pins- I like the freedom of being able to move them around and change them up

Dream client? Lady GaGa - opportunity for so many unique designs and specialty inks/printing techniques, plus- it’s Lady Gaga!

How many photos are on your camera roll right now? 5,485

What was the first concert you attended? The Wallflowers, I still have the ticket stub!

How do you want to improve yourself over the next 6 months? I am excited our team started a growth & development book club!  I always buy books and never make time to actually read them, this will keep me on track plus initiate some great conversations at work.  

What is your favorite quote? “Either you’re striving to get better or allowing yourself to get worse” or "I would rather die of passion than of boredom"

How did you first get into apparel and design? My first 10 years of working were in retail apparel- I’ve always enjoyed mixing styles & trends and love helping others feel confident in their clothing.  

What are you hobbies outside of AMB3R? Hiking, skiing, spending time with my husband and our two dogs.