Womens Graphic T-shirts Style Guide for Any Occasion

Too many graphic tees find their way into dark corners of our closets or are flung into a spring cleaning donation bin to be transported to the nearest thrift store - where badly designed tee shirts go to die. We’ve all had a giveaway shirt or impulse buy Gildan tee that simply becomes a useless piece in our wardrobe. Many people only keep a tee to paint their house or wear to bed. This is heartbreaking, but understandable as we definitely know how poorly some screen printed apparel can be designed and produced. Our mission is to create fashion forward designs on trending and high quality shirts so that they are worn over and over again.

We believe an incredible graphic tee can live a fulfilling life life without fearing the thrift store, and actually be the flare of a great outfit, casual or professional. If you’re in doubt, let us show you how it’s done!  

Let’s start big. Professional. The casual notion of graphic t-shirts may be why many don’t make the cut when getting your work outfit together in the morning. Next time you miss the alarm and have a morning of chaos - turn to a blazer, the cure all be all of outerwear. Pair your fave blazer with a graphic t-shirt and slim fit jeans or matching dress pants and you will be slaying the game. Feel free to dress this cool-girl look up or down with heels and jewelry or flats and sunnies!

Courtesy of  scoutthecity.com

Courtesy of scoutthecity.com


However, it’s summer now and there’s nothing wrong with rocking that relaxed style. We have a couple looks in mind for that too. Have you ever thought about pairing a graphic t-shirt with the classic staple pencil skirt? This creates a more casual but still boss-girl look that could go seamlessly from work to happy hour. This look was featured at Lollapalooza last year along with many other graphic tee outfit ideas. Another great option could be a pleated midi skirt for a sheek vintage look. A midi skirt adds more coverage and still has the high waisted belt line perfect for tucking the tee in and flatters any figure. If skirts don’t suit your style, fun dress pants have been trending recently. Looking at the variety of dress pant options available from  wide cut to skinny leg with an array of waistlines, a graphic tee can dress down a serious dress pant while adding a creative twist.

Courtesy of  gabimay.com.br

Courtesy of gabimay.com.br

Out of the office and into the weekend, it’s time to chill out and get comfy. High waisted jeans came back around 2015 and are still popular summer bottoms - from boyfriend jeans to paper-bag shorts. Both can be tastefully paired with graphic t-shirts- tucked in, cropped or even tied creating a stylish, effortless look. Boyfriend jeans make for a great compliment to a graphic t-shirt adding a slouchy street-wear style. Wearing an oversized t-shirt can also add an even more casual, but still cool-girl vibe. When it really heats up this summer you may reach for shorts; we recommend reaching for high waisted jean-shorts as a casual complementary garment. But if you want to stand out this season high waisted paper-bag shorts, often with a front bow tie, are making an entrance. And, we noticed these are yet another fun way to tuck in a graphic tee with added style from the unique waist line on these shorts.

We love learning about current trends to incorporate into the apparel we help you create. We know how to design promotional merchandise and curate the best pieces to print on so your customers will recognize these styles as they have seen them in retail, creating a piece that you can sell for more money with a higher return on investment as they will be worn time after time. The blank garments we print on can be classic style t-shirts but we also have unique trending styles that are updated monthly. Check out the rest of our website to learn much more about who we are and what we offer!